Plenary Keynote Program

David LiuBase Editing: Chemistry on a Target Nucleotide in the Genome of Living Cells
David R. Liu, PhD, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator, Professor of Chemistry & Chemical Biology, Harvard University

Crews_CraigPROTACs: Past, Present, and Future
Craig M. Crews, PhD, Professor, Chemistry; Pharmacology; Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology; Yale University

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Featured Speakers

John Doench, PhD
Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT

Bryan Fuchs, PhD
Ferring Research Institute

Nathanael S. Gray, PhD
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Stephen J. Haggarty, PhD
Harvard Medical School & Massachusetts General Hospital

Cory M. Hogaboam, PhD
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Paul A. Insel, MD
University of California, San Diego

Ian James, PhD
Trevena, Inc.

Elliott Nickbarg, PhD
Merck & Co, Inc.

Andrew Nixon, PhD
Boehringer Ingelheim

J. Brad Shotwell, PhD

Rebecca Taub, MD
Madrigal Pharmaceuticals

Peter M. Tessier, PhD
University of Michigan

Shaomeng Wang, PhD
University of Michigan

Kevin Weeks, PhD
University of North Carolina

About the Event

The 17th Annual Discovery on Target (DOT), the industry’s preeminent event on novel drug targets and technologies, will convene over 1,100 drug discovery professionals in Boston, MA, on September 16-19, 2019. This event highlights advances in current and emerging “hot” targets and technologies, as well as target validation strategies for the discovery and development of novel therapeutic agents, ranging from biologics to small molecules. Delegates can customize their experience at the event by choosing from 14 conference programs, plus focused training seminars, comprehensive short courses, moderated roundtables and networking functions to meet their own research needs and those of their organizations.

Additions for 2019 include new programming dedicated to PROTACs and their applications, drugs and targets in fibrosis, novel immune-oncology targets, RNA as an emerging target for small molecule drugs, along with expanded coverage of protein engineering and novel biotherapeutics.