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I hope you enjoyed your return to Boston!

Our 20th Annual Discovery on Target brought together over 1,000 global attendees with 92% in-person this October 17-20, 2022.

The energetic Exhibit Hall featured 62 companies with novel technologies and solutions. These leading technology and service providers extended their reach across agenda talks showcasing new offerings to the scientific community. Attendees also viewed 100+ posters revealing ongoing, cutting-edge drug discovery research by students, academia, and industry – a glimpse of the field’s dynamic future.

The event included 260+ expert speakers, 16 conference tracks, 1 symposium, and 6 interactive courses. Engagement was strong across topics as hot as protein degradation and RNA; new programming on immunomodulationantiviralsneurodegeneration targetsKRAS, and AI; stalwarts like membrane proteins; and plenty more.

For a review of fragment-based drug discovery presentations on the KRAS and the Drug Lead Generation Strategies conferences written by
Daniel A. Erlanson, PhD, Senior Vice President, Innovation and Discovery, Frontier Medicines Corporation, the author of the Practical Fragments blogpost, click here:

Thank you for your continued support of Discovery on Target as we in turn support your endeavors. I invite you to share your ideas and topics with me and submit a speaker proposal for 2023. Before we know it, we’ll be welcoming you back to Boston for our 20th Anniversary this September 25-28, 2023. Looking forward to it!

An-Dinh Nguyen
Team Lead, Discovery on Target