2023 Poster Presentations Coming in September



2022 Poster Presentations

P001: The Multi-Use Automation Platform to Expedite the Synthesis and Screening of Novel Compounds for Targeted Protein Degradation, Presented by Michelle B., Amgen, Inc.

P002: Orientation of SMARCA2 to E3 Ligase VHL Is Key to Degradation, Presented by Sudipa G-R., Amgen, Inc.

P003: Multiple-Interface Addressing Biophysics Assays for Binding Elucidation for E3 Ligases and Potential hSMs, Presented by Pooja S., Amgen, Inc.

P004: ONCO-Chip3D: Facilitating Physiologically Relevant Drug and Cell Therapy Screening in Complex 3D Tumour Models, Presented by Alex S., AMSBIO

P005: Label-Free Kinetic Measurements of the Interaction of COVID-19 Viral S1 Protein with Recombinant and Cellular ACE2 Receptors, Presented by Paul A., Biosensing Instrument

P006: CALIXAR'S Toolbox for Native Membrane Targets, Presented by Vincent C., CALIXAR

P007: Proprietary Target Discovery Platform that Integrates Wet Lab and In-Silico Technology Facilitates the Identification of Novel Anticancer Drug Targets, Presented by Stephanie W., Caris Life Sciences

P008: Characterizing Challenging Membrane Targets Using HT-SPR, Presented by Rebecca R., Carterra

P009: Adaptive Immune Receptor Repertoire Profiling for Biomarker Discovery, Presented by Paul D., Cellecta, Inc.

P010: Perturb-Seq Analysis Reveals Key Mediators of TNFα-Induced Transcriptional Response, Presented by Paul D., Cellecta, Inc.

P011: Probing HTT RNA by SHAPE to Enable Allele-Selective Targeting with Small Molecules, Presented by Balajee S., CHDI Foundation, Inc.

P012: Unconventional Targets of Antiviral Therapy - Novel Inhibitors of SARS-CoV-2 nsp14 Methyltransferase, Presented by Radim N., Czech Academy of Sciences, Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry

P013: Analysis of Small Molecule Interactions on Nucleic Acid Secondary Structure: A Single Molecule Approach, Presented by Jimmy O., Depixus SAS

P014: New Kids on the Block: Fragment Screening Using Temperature Related Intensity Change and Grating Coupled Interferometry, Presented by Trevor A., Domainex Ltd.

P015: PROTAC Platform: Enabling Rapid Design, Characterisation and Assessment, Presented by Alicia G., Domainex Ltd.

P016: Covalent Fragment Screen Using QToF Analysis, Presented by Andrew R., Domainex Ltd.

P017: Design and Discovery of 3-Aryl-5-Substituted-Isoquinolin-1-Ones as Potent Tankyrase Inhibitors, Presented by Catherine S., Domainex Ltd.

P018: Targeting the Classical Pathway of Complement Using Structure-Guided Fragment-Based Drug Design, Presented by Denise R., East Carolina University

P019: Ligand Characterization of Mas-Related GPCR-X2 via Cell-Based Assays: Implications in Safety Liability Tests, Presented by Daniel B., Eurofins DiscoverX

P020: InCELL Pulse Cellular Target Engagement Assay Platform for Drug Discovery, Presented by Fei L., Eurofins DiscoverX

P021: SPRINTer Platform: Detection of Endogenous Protein Turnover and Target Engagement of Targeted Degraders, Presented by Chao-Tsung Y., Eurofins DiscoverX

P022: Optimized PAR2 Assay Using HT-29 PAR1 KO Cells Generated by CRISPR, Presented by Thierry J., Eurofins Discovery Services

P023: How to Leverage New AI Technologies Alongside Traditional HTS to Identify Better Hit Compounds for GPCRs, Presented by Carleton S., Eurofins Discovery Services

P024: From In Vitro to In Vivo: Assay Panels for the Discovery of New Analgesic Drugs, Presented by Chun-Yao L., Eurofins Panlabs Discovery Services Taiwan, Ltd.

P025: Biophysical Characterization and Developability Workflows in Biotherapeutics Discovery, Presented by Catia P., FairJourney Biologics

P026: Each New Target and Biology Merit a "One does not fit all" Solution, Presented by Daniela T., FairJourney Biologics

P027: Deep Learning Approaches for the Discovery of New Bioactive Natural Products in Microbial Extracts Libraries, Presented by Jose Ruben T., Fundacion MEDINA

P028: High Throughput Generation of Bespoke Monoclonal Hybridomas, Presented by Jenna H., Fusion Antibodies

P029: A High-Translation Efficient IL-12 mRNA for the Treatment of Oncologic Diseases, Presented by Tse D., GeneLeap Bio., a subsidiary of Luye Life Sciences

P030: Bispecific T-Cell Engagers Targeting TrkB, Presented by Jetta B., ImmunoPrecise Antibodies

P031: Cornering an Ever-Evolving SARS-CoV-2 Virus with Antibody Combination Therapy Polytope, Presented by Jetta B., ImmunoPrecise Antibodies

P032: In Vivo Structural Characterization of the Membrane Protein CTLA-4 with Hydroxyl Radical Footprinting, Presented by James D., Immuto Scientific

P033: High-Throughput Synthetic Antibody Discovery at the Institute for Protein Innovation, Presented by Shaotong Z., Institute for Protein Innovation

P034: Screening the Membrane Proteome to Determine Antibody Specificity and De-Risk CAR-T Cell Development, Presented by Kyle D., Integral Molecular

P035: Isolation of Highly Selective Antibodies Against Claudin 18.2 and GPRC5D for Oncology Therapeutics, Presented by Joseph R., Integral Molecular

P036: Identification of Potent C-Terminal Carboxamide Peptide Inhibitors of Zika Virus NS2B-NS3 Protease, Presented by Jesus O., IRBM Science Pk SpA

P037: VirCAD© (Virus Computer-Aided Design): AI/ML/HPC-Capable BioCAD Software for Viral Bioengineering, Presented by Stefan L., Johns Hopkins University

P038: Building a Diverse and Experimentally-Curated Fluorine Fragment Library, Presented by Andrew L., Key Organics Ltd.

P039: AutoG: Novel Classification Method of GPCR Ligands by Recognizing the Spatiotemporal Residue Pair Patterns Using 3D-ResNets, Presented by Minwoo H., K-MEDI hub

P040: MetPro: Potential Metabolite Prediction Model Based on Deep Learning, Presented by SeungJu L., K-MEDI hub

P041: KT-333, A First-in-Class STAT3 Degrader, Caused Strong STAT3 Degradation and Consistent Downstream Biology In Vitro and In Vivo, Presented by Yatao S., Kymera Therapeutics

P042: High Throughput Protein Workflows for Antimicrobial Drug Design, Presented by Peter C., LifeArc

P043: Discovering Unique Ubiquitin E3 Ligase Ligands to Unlock Targeted Protein Degradation, Presented by Abdul H., LifeSensors, Inc.

P044: PROTACs and Molecular Glues: High-Throughput Quantitative Assays for Rationale Design, Presented by Karteek K., LifeSensors, Inc.

P045: Every Crystal Matters: A Superior Protein Crystallography Screening Pipeline for Large Fragment/Ligand Campaigns, Presented by Holger V., moloX GmbH

P046: Structural Study of Metal Binding in the Novel Metallo-β-Lactamases, Providing New Targets for Drug Discovery, Presented by Sang Hee L., Myongji University

P047: Small Molecule Modulators of SARS-COV2 Frameshifting Pseudoknot, Presented by Feyisola O., National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute

P048: MoGRAA® Discovery Engine Unlocks the Generation of the Therapeutic mAbs Targeting GPCRs for Lipid Mediator Ligands, Presented by Kiyoshi T., NB Health Laboratory Co., Ltd.

P049: The nELISA: A High-Throughput Proteomic Technology Enables Phenotypic Screening of PBMC Secretomes, Presented by Nathaniel R., Nomic Bio

P050: The OmnidAb™  Platform: Chickens Expressing Heavy Chain-Only Antibodies​, Presented by Abheepsa G., OmniAb, Inc.

P051: Strategies for Membrane Protein Purification and Reconstitution to Achieve Functional Protein for Immunization, Screening, Characterization, and Structural Studies, Presented by Devendra S., OmniAb, Inc.

P052: Structure-Based Design of Small Macrocyclic CDK9 Degraders as Chemical Biology Tools and Beyond, Presented by Christophe P., Oncodesign

P053: Using AI to Derive Valuable Insights from Drug Discovery Data, Presented by Tamsin M., Optibrium Ltd.

P054: Generating Novel Peptide Leads Against G-Protein Coupled Receptors Using a Bead-Based Functional Screening Platform, Presented by Simon B., Orbit Discovery Ltd.

P055: MDM2 Targeting Peptides Identified Using A Novel Affinity Screening Display Platform, Presented by Neil B., Orbit Discovery Ltd.

P056: Enabling GPCR Drug Lead Discovery Using a Peptide High-Throughput Functional Screening Platform, Presented by Sally W., PepLib

P057: Effects of Drugs Targeting Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis and Liver Fibrosis in the Free Choice Diet-Induced Obese Hamster Model, Presented by Francois B., Physiogenex

P058: Drug Repurposing for HIV-1 Protease Inhibitors: High Throughput Virtual Screening and Rigid Molecular Docking Studies, Presented by Sunday O., Population Council

P059: Lumit™ Immunoassays for Monitoring PROTAC and Molecular Glue Interactions and Ternary Complex Formation, Presented by Julie C-F., Promega Corporation

P060: Reversible Switch-II Pocket Engagement Across KRAS Hotspot Mutants in Cells, Presented by Amy L., Promega Corporation

P061: Bioluminescent Metabolite Detection Assays for Studying NAFLD and NASH, Presented by Kara M., Promega Corporation

P062: Profiling Oncogenic KRAS Mutant Drugs with Lumit p-ERK Immunoassay, Presented by Hicham Z., Promega Corporation

P063: Structural Basis for the Regulation of Nucleosome Recognition and HDAC Activity by Histone Deacetylase Assemblies, Presented by Stephan K., Proteros biostructures GmbH

P064: Potent Neutralizing Antibodies Targeting Yellow Fever Virus Membrane Proteins, Presented by Matheus O., Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT, and Harvard

P065: Discovery of Novel Therapeutics Against GPCRs, Ion Channels and Transporters Using the Salipro® Technology, Presented by Sara B., Salipro Biotech AB

P066: Dynamic Mass Redistribution (DMR) and Ca[2+] Flux as Methods to Enable Real-Time Investigation of cCKR Signalling in Human T Cells, Presented by Kerry B., Sosei Heptares

P067: Discovery of Novel Dual A2A/A2B Adenosine Receptor Antagonists for Cancer Immunotherapy, Presented by Hyo Seon L., Standigm, Inc.

P068: Discovery of Novel TNIK Inhibitor for Lung Squamous Cell Carcinoma (LSCC), Presented by Hyo Seon L., Standigm, Inc.

P069: Understanding of Physicochemical Relationship in Solubility Prediction: Intelligent Auto Optimization of Feature and Hyperparameter of Neural Network, Presented by You Kyoung C., Sungkyunkwan University

P070: OR2AT4 Modeling for Studying the Structural Character Showing the Acute Myeloid Leukemia Treatment Function, Presented by Seon Bin S., Sungkyunkwan University

P071: Targeted Protein Modulators: Cellular-to-ADME-to-PK/PD Models and Correlations, Presented by Atul T., Syngene International Ltd.

P072: Identification of Small Molecule Ligands for RNA Targets via Fragment-Based Lead Discovery, Presented by Kasper L., Technical University of Denmark

P073: High Throughput Biochemical Homogenous Screening Assays to Evaluate Inhibitors for Drug Discovery, Presented by Felizza G., Thermo Fisher Scientific

P074: KaryoStat+™: An Efficient and High Throughput Alternative to Karyotyping Stem Cells Using Chromosomal Microarray, Presented by Felizza G., Thermo Fisher Scientific

P075: QuantiGenePlex Sample Measurement Services: A Multiplex High Throughput Alternative to Traditional qPCR for Gene Expression and Profiling, Presented by Felizza G., Thermo Fisher Scientific

P076: Exploring ATR for Targeted Protein Degradation, Presented by Werner J., University of Basel

P077: Searching for a Ligandable Cysteine in DCAF15 E3 Ligase, Presented by Pedro M., University of Basel

P078: Target Protein Localisation and Its Impact on PROTAC-mediated Degradation, Presented by Lorraine G., University of Dundee

P079: A Systematic Approach Towards Potent CK1 Delta Inhibitors, Presented by Stefan K., University of Kiel

P080: Targeting BC200 to Investigate Functional Roles in Cancer, Presented by Evan B., University of Manitoba

P081: De Novo Designed Transmembrane Domains Tune Engineered Receptor Functions, Presented by Nicholas C., University of Oslo

P082: Discovery of HDAC6-Selective Inhibitor NN-390 with In Vitro Efficacy in Group 3 Medulloblastoma, Presented by Diaaeldin A., University of Toronto

P083: Structural and Biophysical Implications of STAT5B SH2 Domain Mutation in Blood Cancers, Presented by Qirat A., University of Toronto

P084: Exploring Strategies for Selective Degradation of Histone Deacetylase 6 (HDAC6) in Multiple Myeloma, Presented by Harsimran G., University of Toronto

P085: Targeted Protein Degradation to Prevent Pathological Glycogen Accumulation, Presented by Johan I., University of Toronto

P086: Improving Response to Irinotecan-Based Therapies by Modulation of Carboxylesterase 2 Activity, Presented by Karishma K., University of Toronto

P087: Bifunctional Molecules Beyond PROTACs: Preliminary Data Involving Induced Phosphorylation of HDAC6, Presented by Erica Q., University of Toronto

P088: Elucidating the Role of the Apelinergic System in Cardiac Hypertrophy, Presented by Alex W., University of Washington

P090: VantAI Suite of Custom-Built Platforms Enables Rational E3 Prioritization and Degrader Design, Presented by Thomas G., VantAI

P091: Applying Machine Learning (ML) to DNA-Encoded Library (DEL) Screening Output Data for Small Molecule Drug Discovery, Presented by Ying C., X Chem, Inc.

P092: From DEL to X-DEL, Know - How and Beyond, Presented by Bing X., XtalPi, Inc.

P093: A Novel p300 Inhibitor A6 Alleviate Hepatic Fibrosis Progression Through Inhibition of Histone Acetyltransferase Activity, Presented by Hyunsik K., Yonsei University

P094: Aucuparin, a Natural Product from Sorbus aucuparia, Exhibits Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Fibrotic Effects in Bleomycin-Induced Pulmonary Fibrosis, Presented by Jae-Hwan K., Yonsei University

P095: Programmed Cell Death 5 Acts as a Mediator of Pulmonary Fibrosis Through TGF-Beta Signaling in Club Cell-Specific Manner, Presented by Soo-Yeon P., Yonsei University

P096: Effective Elimination of TKI-Resistant CML Cells Using a Tailor-Made Oligonucleotide-Based Inhibitor, Presented by Veronika N., Comenius University Bratislava

P097: Reduction of Leukemic Burden in Mice by Up to 99 Percent Within 10 Days Using a New Generation Oligonucleotide-Based Inhibitor, Presented by Filip R., Comenius University Bratislava

P098: Health-Score™: AI-Powered High Content Screening Platform Using Patient-Derived Myotubes for Drug Discovery Targeting Muscles, Presented by Oana L., CYTOO

P099: 3D Cardiac Spheroid for Bioinformatics-Driven Target Discovery – An In Vitro Model Capturing Cardiac Hypertrophy, Fibrosis and Cross-Talk Mechanisms, Presented by Ying L., Novo Nordisk Research Centre China

P100: Advanced Antibody Discovery Workflow to Capture Maximum Repertoire Diversity, Presented by Ryan K., Abveris

P101: In Vivo VHH Discovery Workflow Based on Immunized Alpaca and Rapid Beacon-Based Single B Cell Screening, Presented by Ryan K., Abveris