2020 Poster Presentations Coming in August



Poster Presenters noted with † are Student Fellows. Poster Presenters noted with * are Conference Speakers.

101.     The Best of Both Worlds: Bulk Repertoire Sequencing with Single Cell Function; Presented by Sandra C.
102.     Tapping into Nature to Overcome Limits in Antibody Discovery Against Membrane Proteins; Presented by Stefanie V.
Abwiz Bio, Inc.
103.     Antibody Affinity Maturation by Steam Technology and Next-Generation WizAmp™ Antibody Discovery Platform for Mouse and Rabbit mAbs; Presented by CJ O.
Academia Sinica
104.     Target Validation Using an Affinity-Based Screening Platform; Presented by Rachel C.
Amgen, Inc.
105.     From Hit to Lead to Drug: Leveraging a Cryptic Pocket in the Discovery of AMG 510, a First-in-Human Covalent Inhibitor of KRAS(G12C); Presented by Alexander P.
Aptamer Sciences, Inc.
106.     Introducing Aptamer-Based Lead Generation Platforms, Targeting Plasma Membrane Proteins; Presented by Youndong K.
Bayer AG
107.     Discovery of Potent SOS1 Inhibitors and Novel KRAS G12C Covalent Inhibitors; Presented by Anders F.
BellBrook Labs
108.     Targeting cGAS for Type 1 Interferon-Driven Autoimmune Diseases; Presented by Meera K.
BellBrook Labs
109.     Transcreener CD73 Assay: A High Throughput, Sensitive Assay to Measure Adenosine; Presented by Meera K.
BellBrook Labs
110.     Interrogating CD39 for Small Molecule Inhibitors Using the Transcreener® Assay Platform; Presented by Meera K.
BellBrook Labs
111.     Using a Universal Kinase Assay for Both HTS and Hit-to-Lead; Presented by Meera K.
BioAscent Discovery Ltd.
112.     Thermal Shift Indicates that Oxalic Acid Is a Prevalent Contaminant of Hits Identified by High Throughput Screening; Presented by Mike P.
BioBlocks, Inc.
113.     Rapid Informatics-Driven Fragment-Based Lead Discovery for Inhibitors of the Histone Methyltransferase NSD2; Presented by Warren W.
BPS Bioscience, Inc.
114.     Biochemical Assay Kits for High-Throughput PROTAC Optimization; Presented by Pavel S.
115.     Biochemical and Biophysical Characterization of Purified Native CD20 Alone and in Complex with Rituximab and Obinutuzumab; Presented by Anass J.
116.     Stabilization of Native Membrane Proteins for Drug Discovery: Case Studies for a GPCR, Ion Channel and Transporter Targets; Presented by Anass J.
Carterra, Inc.
117.     Accelerating the Discovery of Therapeutic Antibodies Using High Throughput SPR; Presented by Noah D.
Cellecta, Inc.
118.     Combining Cell Barcoding and CRISPR sgRNA Libraries with Targeted Gene Expression for Single-Cell Genetic Analysis of Tumor Progression; Presented by Paul D.*
Charles River Laboratories
119.     Adenovirus-Mediated CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing in Patient Primary Fibroblasts to Validate Potential Drug Targets in Lung Fibrosis; Presented by Barbara K.
Charles River Laboratories
120.     Validation of the Interaction Between a Candidate Compound and the Intended Drug Target by a Phenotypic Rescue Approach; Presented by John M.*
Chemical Computing Group
121.     MOEsaic: Application of Matched Molecular Pairs to Interactive SAR Exploration; Presented by Alain A.
Chemical Computing Group
122.     Structure-Based Predictions of CYP Selectivity, Reactivity, and Regioselectivity; Presented by Michael D.*
Chinese University of Hong Kong
123.     A Peptidylic Inhibitor for Neutralizing Repeat Expansion-Associated Neurodegeneration; Presented by Edwin C.
Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
124.     Single B-Cell Manipulation Technology in Chugai; Presented by Takeshi B.
Confluence Discovery Technologies
125.     Covalent Kinase Inhibitor Drug Candidates – Approaches to Functional Characterization; Presented by Chris E.
Creoptix AG
126.     Spotting the Weakest Binder; Presented by Jealemy G.
Creoptix AG
127.     No Matter the Sample Format: Membrane Protein-Ligand Interaction Studies; Presented by Jealemy G.
Crown Bioscience Louisiana, Inc.
128.     The ZDSD Rat, a Dysmetabolic Model with Intact Leptin Pathway, Develops NAFLD and NASH when Fed a Methionine- and Choline-Deficient Diet; Presented by Guodong Z.*
Daegu Gyeongbuk Medical Innovation Foundation (DGMIF)
129.     Synthesis of Imidazopyridine Derivatives as Type II Inhibitors Targeting T315I-Mutated BCR-ABL; Presented by Ye Ri H.
Daegu Gyeongbuk Medical Innovation Foundation (DGMIF)
130.     Discovery of 2, 4-Disubstituted Pyrimidine Derivatives as T790M EGFR Inhibitor; Presented by Seungyeon L.
Distributed Bio, Inc.
131.     NGS-Guided Discovery of Fully-Human Antagonist Antibodies Against the Class A GPCR CXCR5; Presented by Valerie C.*
Eurofins Discovery
132.     GPCR Allosteric Modulation: Another Shot on Goal; Presented by Daniel B.
Eurofins Discovery
133.     Novel, Improved Cell-Based Assays to Enable Immunotherapy Drug Development for Checkpoint Receptors; Presented by Alpana P.
Eurofins Discovery
134.     Improving Valvulopathy Prediction by Qualifying 5-HT2B Functional Assay Technologies; Presented by David W.
Eurofins Discovery
135.     Validation of a Label-Free Mass Spectrometry-Based Binding Assay for the Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid B 1b Receptor; Presented by David W.
Eurofins Discovery
136.     Biosensor Development Using CRISPR to Quantify Endogenous Protein Expression Modulated by PROTACs; Presented by Chao-Tsung Y.
GenScript USA, Inc.
137.     A Novel Method for Constructing Diverse Variant Libraries with Precise Codon Ratio Control; Presented by Irene S.*
Hybrigenics Corporation
138.     Development of a Robust, Exhaustive Y2H-Based Screening Platform to Identify Novel Chemically Induced Protein-Protein Interactions; Presented by Brent P.
Industrial Technology Research Institute
139.     ITRI-E-4046, a Potent Ocular Hypotensive Agent for the Treatment of Glaucoma; Presented by Chiu-Lien H.
140.     Her2 Receptor´s Activity Measurement with EGF and Trastuzumab Using NomadKin Biosensor, a New Tool for Tyrosin-Kinase Receptor Assays; Presented by Clarisa S.
141.     Arrestin-cAMP Nomad: A High Throughput Screening Technology for Multiplexing GPCR Functional Assays; Presented by Clarisa S.
Integral Molecular, Inc.
142.     Discovery of New Antibodies to Two Metabolic Disease Targets, the GPCR CB1 and Transporter SLC2A4 (GLUT4), Using the MPS Antibody Discovery Platform; Presented by Ross C.*
Integral Molecular, Inc.
143.     Screening the Membrane Proteome Array to Determine Antibody Specificity to De-Risk Preclinical Candidates; Presented by Benjamin D.*
Integral Molecular, Inc.
144.     High-Resolution Epitope Mapping Differentiates Monoclonal Antibodies in the Crowded Cancer Immunotherapy Space; Presented by Rachel F.
Integral Molecular, Inc.
145.     Isolation of Large and Diverse Monoclonal Antibody Panels Against the Multipass Membrane Protein Targets Kv1.3, P2X7, and Claudin 18.2; Presented by Joseph R.
Integral Molecular, Inc.
146.     Lipoparticles Advance Antibody Discovery Against Challenging Multipass Membrane Protein Targets; Presented by Sharon W.
InterAx Biotech AG
147.     Integrating Experimental and Computational Pharmacology for Intelligent Drug Design; Presented by Martin O.*
148.     Generating Potent and Selective Inhibitors of Kv1.3 Ion Channel by Fusing Venom Derived Mini Proteins into Peripheral CDR Loops of Antibodies; Presented by Aneesh K.
Johns Hopkins University
149.     Deciphering and Targeting Cellular Mechanoresponsiveness; Presented by Priyanka K.†
Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology
150.     A Novel Cereblon Modulator for Targeted Protein Degradation; Presented by Sunhong K.
leadXpro AG
151.     Gene to Structure Pipeline at leadXpro to Tackle Drug Discovery on Membrane Proteins Targets; Presented by Nicolas B.*
LifeSensors, Inc.
152.     Ubiquitin Proteasome Dysfunction as a Biomarker for Neurodegenerative Disease; Presented by Karteek K.*
LifeSensors, Inc.
153.     Novel Approaches to PROTAC Drug Discovery; Presented by Dahmane O.*
Ligand OmniAb
154.     The Next Generation Transgenic Chicken for Bispecific Antibody Applications; Presented by Kathryn C.
Ligand Pharmaceuticals
155.     Discovery of High Affinity, Pan-Allelic and Pan-Mammalian Reactive Antibodies Against Myeloid Checkpoint Receptor SIRPa; Presented by Darlene P.
Medical University of Lublin
156.     Reprograming of Cancer Cell Signaling by Modulation of GPR55/β2AR Activity; Presented by Krzysztof J.
Myongji University
157.     Novel and Unique Extended-Spectrum β-Lactamases from Gram-Negative Pathogens as a Drug Target; Presented by Jeong Ho J.
National Institutes of Health, National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences
158.     Finding the Achilles' Heel of IDH1 Mutated Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma; Presented by Ke K.
National Institutes of Health, National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences
159.     Identifying New Drug Targets by Illuminating the Druggable Genome; Presented by Karlie S.
National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
160.     Radioligand Thermostability Assessment of Agonist-Bound Human Type 2 Cannabinoid Receptor; Presented by Alexei Y.
National Research Council Canada
161.     Structure-Based Engineering of pH-Dependent Antibody Binding for Selective Targeting of Tumor Microenvironment; Presented by Christopher C.
National University of Colombia/Universidad Nacional de Colombia
162.     Isoquinoline Alkaloids from Zanthoxylum rigidum as Potential Multi-Target Neuroprotective Ligands for the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease; Presented by Erika P.†
National University of Singapore
163.     Targeting SALL4 via Small Molecule Drug in Cancer; Presented by Kim Anh V.†
NB Health Laboratory Co., Ltd.
164.     Discovery of the Functional Therapeutic mAbs Targeting GPCRs with a Unique Single Cell Analysis Technique; Presented by Kiyoshi T.
Organix, Inc.
165.     Discovery of Novel ID1 Inhibitors Which Are Based on Cannabinoid Template to Treat Late Stage Cancers; Presented by Ravi U.
Peak Proteins Ltd.
166.     G6b-B: A New Receptor for Platelet Production and Function; Presented by Hazel W.
Promega Corporation
167.     Interrogating Signaling Pathways with Novel Homogeneous Cell Based NanoBiT Immunoassays; Presented by Michael C.
Promega Corporation
168.     Novel Bioluminescent Tools to Study GPCR Pharmacology in Living Cells; Presented by Steven E.
Promega Corporation
169.     NanoBRET™ in Live Cells as a Method to Assess E3 Ligase and Target Protein Occupancy for PROTACs; Presented by Kristin H.
Promega Corporation
170.     Examination of Intracellular Target Engagement for Clinically Relevant Inhibitors Across the CDK Family Using NanoBRET™ Assays; Presented by Kara M.
Promega Corporation
171.     Characterizing Degradation Kinetics and Cellular Mechanisms of PROTAC Compounds; Presented by Richard S.
Retrogenix Ltd.
172.     Off-Target Screening Against Overexpressed Human Proteins Confirms Target Specificity or Uncovers Relevant Secondary Receptors; Presented by Alex K.*
Roche Diagnostics GmbH
173.     Interaction Studies for Therapeutic Antibodies Targeting Transmembrane Proteins; Presented by Tony C.
SARomics Biostructures AB
174.     Fragment Screening of USP7 by Weak Affinity Chromatography (WAC); Presented by Kenth H.
Seoul National University
175.     Discovery of a New Small Molecule Reducing Lipid Droplets by Selective Autophagy Activation; Presented by Jinjoo J.
176.     Rapid Assembly of Synthetic DNA Libraries for Protein Engineering and Generating Antibody Diversity; Presented by Katie L.*
Soonchunhyang University
177.     Profiling of Exosomal miRNA Expression Associated with Gefitinib Resistance in Lung Cancer Cells; Presented by Mi-Young L.
178.     Bioisosteric Replacements in Drug Discovery; Presented by Kristina G.
Sygnature Discovery Ltd.
179.     Identification of Novel Inhibitors of the RNA Demethylase Fat Mass and Obesity Associated Protein (FTO) by Microscale Thermophoresis; Presented by John U.
Symphogen A/S
180.     A Fully Integrated Platform for Functional Deep Mining of Antibody Repertoires from a Variety of Species to Secure Clinical Lead Candidate Antibodies Against Conserved and Difficult Targets; Presented by Randi W.
TetraGenetics, Inc.
181.     Discovery of Functional Monoclonal Antibodies Against Kv1.3 and KCa3.1 Using the TetraExpress™ Protein Expression Platform; Presented by Alka A.
TNO - The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research
182.     Improved Preclinical Translation by Metabolome and Transcriptome Disease Signatures of NASH Patients; Presented by Robert K.
TNO - The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research
183.     A Discovery and Evaluation Workflow to Identify Novel Targets for NASH-Induced Liver Fibrosis; Presented by Jennifer V.
TNO - The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research
184.     A Translational Mouse Model for NASH and Advanced Fibrosis in Association with Atherosclerosis; Presented by Robert O.
University of British Columbia
185.     Peptidisc Applications for the Discovery and Characterization of Antibodies Against Membrane Proteins; Presented by James S.†
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
186.     Two Screenings Identified BPHI, a Small Molecule that Activated Unfold Protein Response and Blocked Protein Synthesis, and Ferroptocide, a Natural Product Derivative that Inhibited Thioredoxin and Induced Ferroptosis; Presented by Chen Z.
Vaccinex, Inc.
187.     Use of Mammalian Virus Display to Select Antibodies Specific for Complex Membrane Antigens; Presented by Ernest S.
Washington University
188.     Endotoxin Reprograms Circadian Control of Autophagy and the Proteasome; Presented by Mikhail R.
189.     High-Quality WGS and RNA-Seq Analysis Using FFPE Liver Biopsies for NASH Target and Biomarker Discovery; Presented by Shannon B.
190.     Generation of Natural and Fully Human Antibodies for Therapeutic Applications; Presented by David P.


Accelero Biostructures, Inc.
201.     Experimental Lead Generation by Crystallographic Screening of Fragment Libraries; Presented by Debanu D.
Genentech, Inc.
202.     Developing an Efficient HTP Hybridoma Platform for Therapeutic Antibody Discovery Through In Vivo and Ex Vivo Process Improvements; Presented by Meredith H.
H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute
203.     Exploration of ROS1 Inhibitor Polypharmacology in ROS1-Rearranged Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer; Presented by Yi L.
Kunming Biomed International
204.     Development of NASH Model and Non-Invasive Biomarkers in Non-Human Primates; Presented by Bob Z.
Life Chemicals, Inc.
205.     Novel Fragment Libraries from Life Chemicals; Presented by George B.
Life Chemicals, Inc.
206.     Screening Compound Libraries for HTS and Lead Discovery Projects; Presented by George B.
Promega Corporation
207.     Chemical Proteomic Strategy Utilizing a Photoreactive Chloroalkane Capture Tag for Target Discovery; Presented by Sergiy L.
Salipro Biotech AB
208.     The Salipro® System for Stabilization of Membrane Proteins; Presented by Andre H.
209.     AI Driven Repurposed Drugs for NASH Treatment; Presented by Daehee H.
Vanderbilt University
210.     Fragment Based Molecular Discovery Approach to RAGE Inhibitors; Presented by Natalia K.†


Anima Biotech
301.     Discovery of Selective and Specific Collagen Type-I Translation Inhibitors for Fibrotic Diseases Using Specific Monitoring of Collagen Type-I Protein Synthesis; Presented by Mordehay K.
Boston University
302.     The Ubiquitin-Mediated Degradation of Histone Acetyltransferase TIP60 Protein to Suppress Treg Cell Activity; Presented by Shiva D.†
Eternity Bioscience, Inc.
303.     A Novel RORγ Antagonist Exhibits Excellent Topical Efficacy in Preclinical Animal Models for Psoriasis; Presented by Suxing L.
F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.
304.     Stereodefined Phosphorothioate LNA Oligonucleotides; Presented by Denia M.
Hallym University
305.     Histone Deacetylase 6 Inhibitor Tubastatin A Attenuates Angiotensin II-Induced Hypertension by Preventing Cystathionine Gamma-Lyase Protein Degradation; Presented by Jae Hyung K.
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
306.     A Strategy for PROTAC Delivery for Cancer Therapy; Presented by Mandana M.
Montana Molecular
307.     Real-Time Kinetic Analysis of GPCR Signaling in Stable PathHunter® Cell Lines; Presented by Paul T.
National Institute of Health Sciences
308.     Design and Synthesis of 4-(2-Heteroaryl)-4-Phenylheptane Derivatives as Estrogen Receptor Ligands; Presented by Genichiro T.
Pharmechanics LLC
309.     A New Pharmacological Method for Quantifying Signaling Kinetics and Biased Agonism; Presented by Samuel H.*
Promega Corporation
310.     Profiling a Large Kinase Enzyme Mutant Collection Using the Luminescent ADP Detection Platform; Presented by Juliano A.
SAMDI Tech, Inc.
311.     Label-Free Assays Using SAMDI Mass Spectrometry for Regulators of Phosphorylation: From Proteins to Cells; Presented by Zack G.
Twist BioScience
312.     A High-Throughput Platform to Develop Potent and Functional Antibodies Against G-Protein Coupled Receptors; Presented by Qiang L.*
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
313.     Targeting the Oncogenic Long Non-Coding RNA SLNCR1 by Blocking Its Sequence-Specific Binding to the Androgen Receptor; Presented by Breanne H.