2024 Poster Presentations Coming in September


Here is a reminder of the poster presentations from the 2023 event:

P001: Hit Generation and Data in Early Drug Discovery by Crystallography-Based Library Screening, Presented by Debanu D., Accelero Biostructures, Inc.

P002: Large-Scale Characterization of Drug Candidates Against Transmembrane Receptors Using HT-SPR, Presented by An O., ACROBiosystems, Inc.

P003: Clinical Dose Estimation for Anti CXCR4 i-Body-Fc Fusion AD-214 for the Treatment of Fibrotic Diseases, Presented by Michael F., AdAlta Pty. Ltd.

P004: The Development of First-in-Class Inhibitors of USP19: Potential Treatment of Cancer Cachexia, Presented by Matthew H., Almac Discovery Ltd.

P005: Development of a Selective CD16a-Based NK Cell Engager Utilizing Antibodies Targeting a Single Amino Acid Variation, Presented by Jordon W., AvantGen, Inc.

P006: Discovery of Selective Inhibitors for 123 Protein Kinases Utilizing Internal Kinase Panel Dataset, Presented by Akito H., Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners, Inc.

P007: Modality Gear Up – Turning a TEAD PPII into a Functional Degrader, Presented by Johan W., Beactica Therapeutics AB

P008: AptaFluor® SAH: A Homogenous, Universal Assay for Histone, RNA, and DNA Methyltransferases - Case Study for PRMT5, MLL4, METLL3/14, and NSP14, Presented by Ha P., BellBrook Labs LLC

P009: Interrogating CD38 and PARG with the Transcreener ADPR Assay, Presented by Ha P., BellBrook Labs LLC

P010: Using Label Free Technologies to Characterise the Pharmacology of the MAS Related GPCR Family Member D (MRGPRD) Receptor, Presented by Gemma B., BioAscent Discovery Ltd.

P011: A Proven and Reliable Alpaca VHH Antibody Discovery Platform, Presented by Haoming Z., Biointron Biological, Inc.

P012: Development of High Throughput Single-B Cell Antibody Discovery Platform, Presented by Haoming Z., Biointron Biological, Inc.

P013: Label-Free Kinetic Measurement of Mucin-4 and the Lectin Helix Pomatia Agglutinin (HPA) on Pancreatic Cancer Cells Reveal a New Role of the Membrane Glycocalyx in Their Respective Binding Interactions, Presented by Nguyen L., Biosensing Instrument

P014: Design of Small Molecule Screening Assays for Measuring Poly-(ADP-ribose) Glycohydrolase (PARG) Enzymatic Activity, Presented by Fernando M., BPS Bioscience

P015: Structure–Function Analysis of the SHOC2–MRAS–PP1C Holophosphatase Complex, Presented by Behnoush H., Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

P016: Identification of Novel Protein Degrader Targets Utilizing a Quantifiable, Biologically-Relevant, and Modality-Adaptable Scoring Pipeline, Presented by Trace J., Caris Discovery

P017: Cell Surface Proteomic Profiling for Characterization of Novel Targets, Presented by Darren S., Caris Discovery

P018: Identification of Novel Cell Surface Targets for Bispecific, ADC and/or Radioligand Therapeutic Modalities Directly from Patient Tissue, Presented by Stephanie W., Caris Discovery

P019: Increasing DEL Compound Screening Resolution Using HT-SPR, Presented by Noah D., Carterra, Inc.

P020: LSAXT: Extending the Applications Space of HT-SPR, Presented by Noah D., Carterra, Inc.

P021: Selectivity and Cooperativity of PROTAC®s Using HT-SPR, Presented by Noah D., Carterra, Inc.

P022: Biochemical and Biophysical Characterization of Human Secretory Phospholipases, Presented by Aravinda D., Cayman Chemical Company

P023: CRISPR-Cas9 Genome Editing in iPSCs for Functional Genetic Screening, Presented by Paul D., Cellecta, Inc.

P024: T-Cell and B-Cell Receptor Repertoire Profiling for Biomarker Discovery, Presented by Paul D., Cellecta, Inc.

P025: High-Throughput Affinity Selection Mass Spec Assay to Discover Small Molecule Ligands for Cell Surface Receptors, Presented by Zack GL., Charles River Laboratories

P026: Integrated Drug Discovery at Charnwood Molecular – PD-1/PD-L1 Inhibitors, Presented by James H., Charnwood Molecular

P027: Constrained Peptide Modeling, Conformational Analysis and Property Predictions, Presented by Alain A., Chemical Computing Group

P028: Targeted Protein Degradation with Heterobifunctional Degraders: Modeling and Screening, Presented by Michael D., Chemical Computing Group

P029: Combining AI-Driven Virtual Screening with Biophysics to Identify Novel BRPF1b Inhibitors, Presented by Thomas P., Concept Life Sciences

P030: Accelerating Drug Discovery Using Free Energy Perturbation Identification of Potential Inhibitors for SARS-Cov-2 Cystein Proteases, Presented by Sylvie S., Cresset

P031: Innovations in Hybridoma-Based Therapeutic Antibody Discovery Against Type I Transmembrane Proteins, Presented by Vydehi K., Curia

P032: Crystal Structure of the Catalytic Domain of Artemis, Presented by Mary KR., Curia

P033: Identification of Covalent Fragment Binding Sites by Proteolytic Digestion and High-Resolution LC-MS, Presented by Catherine S., Domainex Ltd.

P034: PROTAC Platform: Enabling Rapid Design, Characterisation and Assessment, Presented by Catherine S., Domainex Ltd.

P035: heliX® and heliXcyto Biosensors: Dissect Binding Interactions from Small Molecules to Cells in Real-Time, Presented by Antonio D., Dynamic Biosensors, Inc.

P036: Advanced Toolbox for Discovery of New Protein Degrader, Presented by David H., Enamine Ltd.

P037: New Covalent Probes: Parallel Synthesis of New Covalent Binders and Their Application for Discovery of New BRD4 Inhibitors, Presented by Tetiana M., Enamine Ltd.

P038: Biophysics in Kinase Drug Discovery Programs: From Fragment-Based Screening Campaigns to PROTAC Ternary Complex Characterization, Presented by Maud S., Eurofins Cerep

P039: A LASEREDD Focus on Next-Generation GPCR-Targeting Antibody Therapeutics, Presented by Lisa W., Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health

P040: ASMS-Based HTS to Identify TP63 Binders, Presented by Katharine F., Foghorn Therapeutics

P041: Genovac’s Production and Characterization Services, Presented by Donovan MC., Genovac Antibody Discovery LLC

P042: Honokiol Ameliorates Angiotensin II-Induced Hypertension and Endothelial Dysfunction by Inhibiting HDAC6-Mediated Cystathionine γ-Lyase Degradation, Presented by Jae Hyung K., Hallym University

P043: Accelerating DDRi Drug Discovery Through Customized Cell Panel, Presented by T-J B., ICE Bioscience

P044: GPCR Panel Establishment and Application in Drug Discovery, Presented by Ben W., ICE Bioscience

P045: An Automated Radical Footprinting Platform for In Vivo Epitope Mapping of Membrane-Bound Antigens, Presented by James D., Immuto Scientific

P046: Fighting Rare Diseases with Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Analytics, Presented by Parthiban S., Indian Institute of Science Education and Research

P047: Rational Design of a Next-Generation Synthetic Fab Library for Antibody Discovery, Presented by Youssef A., Institute for Protein Innovation

P048: Isolation of Highly Selective Antibodies Against Claudin 18.2 and GPRC5D for Oncology Therapeutics, Presented by Riley P., Integral Molecular, Inc.

P049: Electrostatic Anchoring in RNA-Ligand Design – Finding the Balance Between Affinity, Binding Kinetics and Selectivity, Presented by Laura AR., Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz

P050: Exploring RNA as a Promising Drug Target– Computer aided Drug Design, Assay Development & Applications, Presented by Elisabeth K., Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz

P051: Challenges and Innovations in Antibody Development Against Native Epitopes of Multi-Pass Transmembrane Proteins, Presented by Changbin J., KactusBio, Inc.

P052: Discovery of Pulmonary Fibrosis Inhibitor Using a Phenomic-RIPF Screening Platform, Presented by Yoon-Jin L., Korea Institute of Radiological and Medical Sciences

P053: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Traditional Docking for the Discovery of Novel Drugs Against the Main Protease of SARS-CoV-2, Presented by Sayan DG., Korea Institute of Science and Technology

P054: 3Discovery Platform: Boosting Hit-Identification and Lead-Optimisation Efficiency by Merging Fragment Screening, Virtual Screening, Parallel Synthesis and Chirally Pure Chemical Space to Identify Leads for PIM1 Kinase, Presented by Tony H., Liverpool ChiroChem Ltd.

P055: Harnessing the Biophysical Fragment Screening Sweet Spot to Discover New Chemotypes for BRPF1 Inhibition, Presented by May Poh L., Malvern Panalytical, Inc.

P056: Ribosome Display Antibodies Targeting Cholecystokinin B Receptor (CCK-BR) for Reduction of Chronic Neuropathic Pain, Presented by Adinarayana K., Mayo Clinic

P057: The Synergy of Computational and Experimental Approaches in Drug Design: A Muscarinic Receptor Case Study, Presented by Josh P., Molecular Forecaster

P058: Dissemination of Antibiotic Resistance Through Mobile Genetic Elements and Gene-Transfer Prevention, Presented by Jung Hun L., Myongji University

P059: National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences: Funding Opportunities to Move Your Research Forward, Presented by Karlie S., National Institutes of Health, National Cancer Institute

P060: Rapid Cell-Free Expression and Solubility Screening to Obtain Active Human VEGF with eProtein Discovery™ Platform, Presented by Yvonne T., Nuclera

P061: Discovery and Characterization of Covalent PPARG Inverse-Agonists, or, The Impressive Skills of a Nuclear Hormone Receptor, Presented by Anders F., NUVISAN ICB GmbH

P062: Discovery of High Affinity Antibodies Against a GPCR Target by mRNA Immunization of OmniChicken®, Presented by Lilian H., OmniAb

P063: Generating Novel Antibody Repertoires Through Immunization of OmniAb® Animals with Nanodiscs and mRNA-LNPs, Presented by Devendra S., OmniAb

P064: Generative AI Empowers the Search for PIM1 Kinase Inhibitors: Unveiling Novel Promising Chemical Entities, Presented by Christophe P., Oncodesign Services

P065: Systematic Target Discovery in Human NK Cells Using Functional Genomics, Presented by Iva N., oNKo-Innate Pty. Ltd.

P066: Fully Automated Labelfree Mass-Spectrometry Ultra-High Throughput Screening, Presented by Saman H., Pivot Park Screening Centre

P067: Development of In Situ Click Chemistry Screening System for a Efficient Discovery of Potent Protein Ligands, Presented by Minkyung K., Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)

P068: On-Nanoparticle Selection of Encoded Libraries as a Versatile Tool for Discovering Potent Protein Ligands, Presented by Hee Myeong W., Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTECH)

P069: Developing Novel NanoBRET Target Engagement Assays Using NanoBRET 590 Dyes, Presented by Michael C., Promega Corporation

P070: cAMP Lumit: HTS Compatible Bioluminescent and Homogenous Assay for Monitoring cAMP Levels in Cell Extracts, Presented by Said G., Promega Corporation

P071: NanoBRET Approach for Characterizing the Impact of RAS Pathway Inhibitors on Protein Interactions in Live Cells, Presented by Amy L., Promega Corporation

P072: Bioluminescent Tools to Study GPCR Dynamics in Living Cells, Presented by Megan L., Promega Corporation

P073: Streamlining Cellular Signaling Analysis: Lumit Immunoassay for Rapid Monitoring of Protein Phosphorylation and Degradation, Presented by Hicham Z., Promega Corporation

P074: Cyclin-Dependent Kinase Signaling in Oncology: Evaluation of Phosphorylation Events Triggered by Drug-Induced DNA Damage, Presented by Adam C., Revvity

P075: An IL-17A Crystallization System Supporting Small-Molecule Structure-Based Drug Design, Presented by Kenth H., SARomics Biostructures AB

P076: Combinatorial Indexing Methods for High-Throughput, Low Cost Single-Cell Experiments, Presented by Pace C., Scale Biosciences, Inc.

P077: Discovery and Antifibrotic Activity of an Anti-LTBP-TGFß1 Inhibitory Antibody, Presented by Justin J., Scholar Rock, Inc.

P078: O Broad Anti-Influenza Antibody, Where Art Thou?, Presented by Chun-Nan C., Single Cell Technology

P079: Standigm ASK™, an AI Drug Discovery Platform for Target Identification, Presented by Daehee H., Standigm USA, Inc.

P080: A Cutting-Edge Generative AI Platform for Drug Discovery: Standigm BEST, Presented by Sang Ok S., Standigm, Inc.

P081: Building Diverse Hit-Finding Collections Through Novel Chemistries: Sygnature Discovery’s Unique PRISM Library for HTS, Presented by Allan J., Sygnature Discovery

P082: The Sygnature CHARMED Platform: Combinatorial High-Throughput Assembly and Review of Molecular Degraders, Presented by Allan J., Sygnature Discovery

P083: Human iPSC Based Cell Models for Drug Discovery and Nonclinical Drug Development, Presented by Angela H., Tempo Bioscience, Inc.

P084: DIGDEEP – An Integrated Platform for Target Identification, Prioritisation and Validation, Presented by Anna M., UCB Pharma

P085: BMP3 Is a Negative Regulator of TGFB and Fibrosis, Presented by David P., University College Dublin

P086: Capture of the Membrane Proteome in Peptidiscs: Application to Fibrotic Tissues and Development of a Drug-Discovery Process, Presented by Franck D., University of British Columbia

P087: Revolutionizing Computer-Aided Drug Design Through Giga-Scale Chemical Space Screening: Next-Generation V-SYNTHES, Presented by Antonina N., University of Southern California

P088: Epiregulin: A Novel Antibody Drug Conjugate Target for Treating Colorectal Cancer, Presented by Joan J., University of Texas Health Science Center

P089: Discovery of High-Affinity Functional Antibodies Specific for CXCR5 and Other Multi-Pass Membrane Proteins, Presented by Ernest S., Vaccinex

P090: DEL Screening of Multimeric Proteins in Living Cells, Presented by Leif L., Vipergen Aps

P091: XploreSeq™: AI-Enhanced Antibody Discovery Platform via Immune Repertoire Next-Gen Sequencing, Presented by Patrick D., XtalPi, Inc.

P092: XtalFold™: An Antibody-Antigen/Protein Complex Structure Prediction Algorithm with Unprecedented Accuracy to Accelerate Therapeutics Development, Presented by Patrick D., XtalPi, Inc.

P093: Improving Drug Discovery Through the Combined Application of AI-Based and Physics-Based Methods, Presented by Sang Eun J., XtalPi, Inc.

P094: Xpecies™ Engineering Species Cross-Reactivity into Therapeutic Antibodies Through Computer-Aided Drug Design and Yeast Display: A Case Study on Dupilumab, Presented by Kyle K., XtalPi, Inc.

P095: XuperHuman™: AI-Enabled Comprehensive In Silico Immunogenicity Assessment, Presented by Kyle K., XtalPi, Inc.

P096: A Drug’s Most Potent Target Is Not Necessarily the Source of Its Anti-Cancer Activity, Presented by Debanjan B., Yale University

P097: Beyond Protein Degradation: Studying Ubiquitination to Advance TPD Drug Discovery, Presented by Karteek K., LifeSensors, Inc.

P098: Unlocking Targeted Protein Degradation: Discovery of Unique E3 Ligands, Presented by Janelle P., LifeSensors, Inc.

P099: Meclizine, an Antihistamine, Attenuates Airway Inflammation by Binding to Dimerized Translationally Controlled Tumor Protein, Presented by Eun-Hwa J., Ewha Womans University

P100: Rapid Discovery of Functional Human Memory B Cell-Derived Antibodies for SARS-CoV-2 Using Optofluidic Technology, Presented by Joel A., PhenomeX

P101: Single Molecule Real-Time Analysis of Dynamic Nucleic Acid Interactions, Presented by Zhen W., Depixus SAS

P102: Enhance and Expand Anti-ID Diversity and Affinity Through Genetic Immunization, Presented by Andreas W., Genovac Antibody Discovery LLC

P103: Identification and Characterization of Non-Covalent Small Molecule Binders of mRNA Using Affinity Selection-Mass Spectrometry (ASMS), Presented by Vaughn M., Momentum Biotechnologies

P104: Approach to Rational Identification of Lead Molecular Glue Degraders for Casein Kinase 1α, Presented by Elumalai P., ChemPartner USA