Preliminary list

Abwiz Bio, Inc.Antibody Affinity Maturation by Steam Technology and Next-Generation WizAmp™ Antibody Discovery Platform for Mouse and Rabbit mAbs
Accelero Biostructures, Inc.Experimental Lead Generation by Crystallographic Screening of Fragment Libraries
Aptamer Sciences, Inc.Introducing Aptamer-Based Lead Generation Platforms, Targeting Plasma Membrane Proteins
BellBrook LabsInterrogating CD39 for Small Molecule Inhibitors Using the Transcreener® Assay Platform
BellBrook LabsTargeting cGAS for Type 1 Interferon-Driven Autoimmune Diseases
BellBrook LabsTranscreener CD73 Assay: A High Throughput, Sensitive Assay to Measure Adenosine
BellBrook LabsUsing A Universal Kinase Assay for Both HTS and Hit-to-Lead
BioAscent Discovery Ltd.Thermal Shift Indicates that Oxalic Acid Is a Prevalent Contaminant of Hits Identified by High Throughput Screening
BPS Bioscience, Inc.Biochemical Assay Kits for High-Throughput PROTAC Optimization
CALIXARStabilization of Native Membrane Proteins for Drug Discovery: Case Studies for a GPCR, Ion Channel and Transporter Targets
CALIXARBiochemical and Biophysical Characterization of Purified Native CD20 Alone and in Complex with Rituximab and Obinutuzumab
Cellecta, Inc.Combining Cell Barcoding and CRISPR sgRNA Libraries with Targeted Gene Expression for Single-Cell Genetic Analysis of Tumor Progression
Chemical Computing GroupMOEsaic: Application of Matched Molecular Pairs to Interactive SAR Exploration
Chemical Computing GroupStructure-Based Predictions of CYP Selectivity, Reactivity, and Regioselectivity
Chinese University of Hong KongA Peptidylic Inhibitor for Neutralizing Repeat Expansion-Associated Neurodegeneration
Daegu Gyeongbuk Medical Innovation Foundation (DGMIF)Synthesis of Imidazopyridine Derivatives as Type II Inhibitors Targeting T315I-Mutated BCR-ABL
Daegu Gyeongbuk Medical Innovation Foundation (DGMIF)Discovery of 2,4-Disubstituted Pyrimidine Derivatives as T790M EGFR Inhibitor
Eternity Bioscience, Inc.A Novel RORγ Antagonist Exhibits Excellent Topical Efficacy in Preclinical Animal Models for Psoriasis
Eurofins DiscoveryNovel, Improved Cell-Based Assays to Enable Immunotherapy Drug Development for Checkpoint Receptors
Eurofins DiscoveryBiosensor Development Using CRISPR to Quantify Endogenous Protein Expression Modulated by PROTACs
Eurofins DiscoveryGPCR Allosteric Modulation: Another Shot on Goal
Eurofins DiscoveryValidation of a Label-Free Mass Spectrometry-Based Binding Assay for the Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid B 1b Receptor
Eurofins DiscoveryImproving Valvulopathy Prediction by Qualifying 5-HT2B Functional Assay Technologies
GenScript USA, Inc.A Novel Method for Constructing Diverse Variant Libraries with Precise Codon Ratio Control
Hallym UniversityHistone Deacetylase 6 Inhibitor Tubastatin A Attenuates Angiotensin II-Induced Hypertension by Preventing Cystathionine Gamma-Lyase Protein Degradation
Hybrigenics CorporationDevelopment of a Robust, Exhaustive Y2H-Based Screening Platform to Identify Novel Chemically Induced Protein-Protein Interactions
Industrial Technology Research InstituteITRI-E-4046, a Potent Ocular Hypotensive Agent for the Treatment of Glaucoma
InterAx Biotech AGIntegrating Experimental and Computational Pharmacology for Intelligent Drug Design
IONTAS Ltd.Generating Potent and Selective Inhibitors of Kv1.3 Ion Channel by Fusing Venom Derived Mini Proteins into Peripheral CDR Loops of Antibodies
Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and BiotechnologyA Novel Cereblon Modulator for Targeted Protein Degradation
leadXpro AGGene to Structure Pipeline at leadXpro to Tackle Drug Discovery on Membrane Proteins Targets
Life Chemicals, Inc.Novel Fragment Libraries from Life Chemicals
Life Chemicals, Inc.Screening Compound Libraries for HTS and Lead Discovery Projects
Ligand OmniAbThe Next Generation Transgenic Chicken for Bispecific Antibody Applications
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer CenterA Strategy for PROTAC Delivery for Cancer Therapy
Montana MolecularReal-Time Kinetic Analysis of GPCR Signaling in Stable PathHunter® Cell Lines
Myongji UniversityNovel and Unique Extended-Spectrum β-Lactamases from Gram-Negative Pathogens as a Drug Target
National Institute of Health SciencesDesign and Synthesis of 4-(2-Heteroaryl)-4-Phenylheptane Derivatives as Estrogen Receptor Ligands
National Institutes of Health, National Center for Advancing Translational SciencesIdentifying New Drug Targets by Illuminating the Druggable Genome
National Institutes of Health, National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and AlcoholismRadioligand Thermostability Assessment of Agonist-Bound Human Type 2 Cannabinoid Receptor
National Research Council CanadaStructure-Based Engineering of pH-Dependent Antibody Binding for Selective Targeting of Tumor Microenvironment
National University of Colombia/Universidad Nacional de ColombiaIsoquinoline Alkaloids from Zanthoxylum rigidum as Potential Multi-Target Neuroprotective Ligands for the Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease
National University of SingaporeTargeting SALL4 via Small Molecule Drug in Cancer
NB Health Laboratory Co., Ltd.Discovery of the Functional Therapeutic mAbs Targeting GPCRs with a Unique Single Cell Analysis Technique
Peak Proteins Ltd.G6b-B: A New Receptor for Platelet Production and Function
Pharmechanics LLCA New Pharmacological Method for Quantifying Signaling Kinetics and Biased Agonism
Promega CorporationProfiling a Large Kinase Enzyme Mutant Collection Using the Luminescent ADP Detection Platform
Promega CorporationInterrogating Signaling Pathways with Novel Homogeneous Cell Based NanoBiT Immunoassays
Promega CorporationNanoBRET™ in Live Cells as a Method to Assess E3 Ligase and Target Protein Occupancy for PROTACs
Promega CorporationChemical Proteomic Strategy Utilizing a Photoreactive Chloroalkane Capture Tag for Target Discovery
Promega CorporationNovel Bioluminescent Tools to Study GPCR Pharmacology in Living Cells
Roche Diagnostics GmbHInteraction Studies for Therapeutic Antibodies Targeting Transmembrane Proteins
Salipro Biotech ABThe Salipro® System for Stabilization of Membrane Proteins
SAMDI Tech, Inc.Label-Free Assays Using SAMDI Mass Spectrometry for Regulators of Phosphorylation: From Proteins to Cells
SARomics Biostructures ABFragment Screening of USP7 by Weak Affinity Chromatography (WAC)
Seoul National UniversityDiscovery of a New Small Molecule Reducing Lipid Droplets by Selective Autophagy Activation
SGI-DNA, Inc.Rapid Assembly of Synthetic DNA Libraries for Protein Engineering and Generating Antibody Diversity
SpiroChemBioisosteric Replacements in Drug Discovery
StandigmAI Driven Repurposed Drugs for NASH Treatment
Sygnature Discovery Ltd.Identification of Novel Inhibitors of the RNA Demethylase Fat Mass and Obesity Associated Protein (FTO) by Microscale Thermophoresis
Symphogen A/SA Fully Integrated Platform for Functional Deep Mining of Antibody Repertoires from a Variety of Species to Secure Clinical Lead Candidate Antibodies Against Conserved and Difficult Targets
TNO - The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific ResearchImproved Preclinical Translation by Metabolome and Transcriptome Disease Signatures of NASH Patients
TNO - The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific ResearchA Discovery and Evaluation Workflow to Identify Novel Targets for NASH-Induced Liver Fibrosis
TNO - The Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific ResearchA Translational Mouse Model for NASH and Advanced Fibrosis in Association with Atherosclerosis
Twist BioScienceA High-Throughput Platform to Develop Potent and Functional Antibodies against G-protein Coupled Receptors
Vaccinex, Inc.Use of Mammalian Virus Display to Select Antibodies Specific for Complex Membrane Antigens
Vanderbilt UniversityFragment Based Molecular Discovery Approach to RAGE Inhibitors