Plenary Keynote Program

Join 1,100+ of your colleagues for the Discovery on Target Plenary Keynote Program. Bridging both halves of the event, it's the only time our whole community of drug discovery professionals assembles in one room to learn about big-picture perspectives, innovative technologies, and thought-provoking trends from luminaries in the field.


THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 17 | 12:20 - 2:00 PM

William G. Kaelin, Jr., MD2019 Nobel Laureate in Physiology or Medicine

William G. Kaelin, Jr., MD, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Sidney Farber Professor of Medicine, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Harvard Medical School

William Kaelin obtained undergraduate and MD degrees from Duke University and completed his internal medicine training at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, where he served as chief medical resident. He was a clinical fellow in medical oncology at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and a postdoctoral fellow in the laboratory of David Livingston, during which time he was a McDonnell Scholar. He is currently the Sidney Farber Professor of Medicine in the Department of Medicine at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Brigham and Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School. A Nobel laureate, Dr. Kaelin received the 2019 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine. Dr. Kaelin is a member of the American Society of Clinical Investigation, the American College of Physicians, the National Academy of Sciences and the National Academy of Medicine. He recently served on the NCI Board of Scientific Advisors, the AACR Board of Trustees, and the IOM National Cancer Policy Board. He has received numerous awards including the MSKCC Paul Marks Prize, the AACR Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Prize, a Doris Duke Distinguished Clinical Scientist Award, the Canada International Gairdner International Award, the ASCI Stanley J. Korsmeyer Award, the Scientific Grand Prix of the Foundation Lefoulon-Delalande and the Institute of France, the Albert Lasker Prize, the Helis Award, and the Massry Prize.

Additional Plenary Keynote Speaker to be Announced


Past Plenary Keynote speakers have included:

PROTACs: Past, Present, and Future

Craig M. Crews, PhD, Professor, Chemistry; Pharmacology; Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology; Yale University

Base Editing: Chemistry on a Target Nucleotide in the Genome of Living Cells

David R. Liu, PhD, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator, Professor of Chemistry & Chemical Biology, Harvard University

Diversification of Antibody Effector Function

Jeffrey V. Ravetch, MD, PhD, The Rockefeller University

Ubiquitin- and ATP-Dependent Unfoldase Activity of p97/VCP•Npl4•Ufd1 Is Enhanced by Mutations that Cause Multisystem Proteinopathy

Raymond J. Deshaies, PhD, Amgen

Meeting the New Challenges of Novel Drug Development

Gregory L. Verdine, PhD, Harvard University and Harvard Medical School

Towards a Patient-Based Drug Discovery

Stuart L. Schreiber, PhD, Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT