Targeting Fibrosis


The incidence of fibrosis, a normal part of wound healing, but also, under persistent inflammation or injury, a disease process that contributes to organ damage, has been steadily increasing over the past decade. This could be partly due to the percentage of elderly and thus chronic disease and inflammation rising in the population. Activity in the drug development arena for fibrosis has also grown. Much of the progress has been spurred by the fields of autoimmunity and inflammation which are revealing common mechanisms for fibrosis across the organs where fibrosis is most frequently observed: lung, liver, heart, kidney and skin. The approval of two drugs for a form of lung fibrosis, idiopathic fibrosis (IPF), has also accelerated progress in the field. However it is likely that multiple therapeutic approaches for treating fibrosis will be necessary because of the many contributors to the condition. For this reason, CHI’s Inaugural Targeting Fibrosis conference aims to convene the leading fibrosis researchers from academics and industry working across organ types, as well as immunology and inflammation investigators to share progress and shape future directions in this burgeoning field of new drug discovery.

Preliminary Agenda

Integrins as Fibrosis Targets

Targeting Integrins for Fibrotic Diseases
Liangsu Wang, PhD, Vice President, Head of Biology, Morphic Therapeutic

Targeting Integrins for Fibrosis: Updates on Drug Leads and Candidates
Ji Zhang, PhD, Scientist, Cardiometabolic & Fibrosis Drug Discovery, Merck Research Labs

IDL-2965: A Selective, Highly Potent, Clinical-Stage, Oral Integrin Antagonist for Treatment of Chronic Fibrosis
Karl Kossen, PhD, Senior Vice President, Translational Science, Indalo Therapeutics

Established and Emerging Integrin Targets and Treatments for Fibrosis
Scott Turner, PhD, Vice President, Translational Sciences, Pliant Therapeutics

Emerging Fibrosis Targets (Non-Integrins)

Lysyl Oxidase and Lysyl Oxidase-Like Inhibitors for the Direct Treatment of Fibrosis
Jonathan Foot, PhD, Senior Research Scientist, Drug Discovery, Pharmaxis Ltd.

Discovery and Development of NTZ as an Anti-Fibrotic Agent in NASH
Suneil Hosmane, PhD, Executive Vice President, Strategic Development, Genfit

RIPK1 and Fibrosis

Allison Beal, PhD, Manager and Associate Fellow, Innate Immunity Research Unit, GSK


Lung Fibrosis

Cell Senescence and Senolytic Strategies in IPF
Cory M. Hogaboam, PhD, Professor, Department of Medicine, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

Challenges in Anti-Fibrotic Drug Development

Developing Translational Tools for the Development of Anti-Fibrotic Therapies
Melanie Ruzek, PhD, Principal Scientist, Translational Immunology, Abbvie


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