Interactive Breakout Discussions

Join a virtual breakout discussion group. These are informal, moderated discussions with brainstorming and interactive problem solving, allowing participants from diverse backgrounds to exchange ideas and experiences and develop future collaborations around a focused topic.

This year’s breakouts will take place on Wednesday, September 16, 2:45 - 3:20 pm and – bring your own lunch! – Friday, September 18, 1:25 - 2:00 pm.

Last year’s topics covered:

  • New Trends in Functional Genomics-Based Screening and Technologies
  • Chemical Biology in Drug Discovery
  • Use of Advanced Disease Models in Drug Discovery
  • Integrating FBLD with Other Screening Methods
  • New Biophysical Technologies
  • DNA-Encoded Libraries
  • New Technologies and Assays to Study Protein Degraders
  • Novel Applications and Approaches for PROTAC-Based Protein Degradation
  • Challenges with Developed Targeted Protein Degrader Molecules
  • Animal Models for NASH
  • Efficacy of MOA in the Treatment of NASH
  • Cirrhosis and NASH
  • STING: An IntereSTING IO Target
  • Targeting the IDO/TDO-Kynurenine-Arylhydrocarbon Receptor Pathway and Beyond
  • Targeting the Adenosine Pathway
  • R&D for Emerging Modalities
  • Fit-for-Purpose Membrane Protein Generation in Biologics Development
  • Structural Biology Challenges in R&D for Membrane Protein Targets
  • What Happens When You Get Off-Target Effects?
  • Predictiveness of Animal Models
  • What Are the Next Actionable Precision Oncology Approaches?
  • Artificial Intelligence in Kinase Drug Discovery and Development
  • Designing and Optimizing Chemistry and Drug-Like Properties of Protein Degraders
  • Novel Strategies for Protein Degradation
  • Overcoming Translation Challenges
  • Translational Tools for Studying Fibrosis
  • Promising New Fibrosis Targets
  • Establishing Proof of Concept in Fibrosis
  • Biased Signaling
  • GPCR Targeted Lead-Development Challenges
  • GPCR-Ligand Binding Kinetics
  • Structure-Based Antibody Discovery and Design
  • Opportunities in Antibody Discovery for Membrane Proteins
  • Characterization of Antibodies Against Membrane Proteins