2016 Interviews

Inducible GPCR Cell Lines for Antibody Characterization - NEW!

Eric Grazzini, Ph.D., Team Leader Rapid Protein Production, Senior Research Officer, Biologics, National Research Council of Canada, Canada

National Research Council Canada (NRC) has a strong track record in target discovery and monoclonal antibody production. Among the most interesting and well-known therapeutic targets identified, GPCRs proteins represent a challenge and an opportunity to develop and characterize mAbs. Cells expressing GPCRs of interest can be used for immunization and/or screening purposes. To this end, we have developed the proprietary cumate-inducible CHOBRI cell line for stable and modulated gene expression.
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Efficiency of Genetic Immunization for the Generation of Antibodies Against Membrane Proteins

Debra T. Hansen, Ph.D., Associate Research Professor, Center for Applied Structural Discovery, Arizona State University

We describe the first report of the efficiency of a DNA-based immunization approach to generate antibodies against membrane proteins. Genetic immunization relies on the immunized host to express, fold, and modify the antigen. We used micronanoplex gene gun immunization of mice to generate antibodies against BSL3 pathogens and a novel in vitro expression method that purifies the antigen. We will discuss method development and applications.
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Harnessing Venomics for Ion Channel Drug Discovery

Hongkai Zhang, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Lerner Laboratory, The Scripps Research Institute

Animal venoms represent a rich source of active peptides for ion channel and GPCR drug targets. However, a challenge remains with the slow pace at which venom peptides are discovered and refined. Combining autocrine-based selection with proximity-based assay provides a robust and user-friendly solution. The talk will include discovery of novel Kv1.3 blockers from natural venom peptide library and selection of refined venom peptides from combinatorial library.
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2014 Interviews

Exploiting Cancer Cells' Metabolic Mix-up for New Targeted Oncology Therapies
Lenny Dang, Ph.D., Senior Director, Biochemistry, Agios Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Raju Pusapati, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Discovery Oncology (Jeff Settleman Lab), Genentech, Inc.