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Keynote Speakers

Stuart SchreiberTowards a Patient-Based Drug Discovery

Stuart L. Schreiber, Ph.D.

Director, Chemical Biology, Founding Member, Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT; Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator; Morris Loeb Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Harvard University

Paul FeldmanEnteroendocrine Drug Discovery for Treatment of Metabolic Diseases

Paul L. Feldman, Ph.D.

Senior Vice President, GlaxoSmithKline

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Event Features

  • 12 Scientific & Technical Conferences
  • 150+ Scientific Presentations
  • 10 Conference
    Short Courses
  • 30+ Interactive Breakout Discussion Groups
  • Exclusive Exhibit & Poster Viewing
  • Dedicated Networking Opportunities
  • Interactive Roundtable, Breakout & Panel Discussions

Hotel & Travel

Westin Boston Waterfront
425 Summer Street
Boston, MA 02210

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2013 Wrap Up

DOT Video Wrap Up 

Pharma’s leading targeting event delivers record attendance: 30% growth
over 2012

Next Event to Take Place October 8-10, 2014 in Boston

Discovery on Target would like to thank the 800+ speakers, attendees, sponsors and exhibitors who came to Boston for this year’s annual event. The event drew a record number of attendees from 24 countries networking and discussing current and emerging ‘hot’ drug targets for the pharmaceutical industry.

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Student Fellowships

Fellowship applications for this conference are no longer being accepted on this site. If you wish to apply, please email Jamie Ring at jring@healthtech.com for details.


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 Short Courses

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Molecular Sensing

Rosa Drug Development Advisors






The exhibit hall was sold out in 2014, so please contact us early to reserve your place. To customize your sponsorship or exhibit package for 2015, contact:

Jon Stroup
Sr. Business Development Manager


September 21 

Next-Generation Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors Symposia 

Strategies for Rare Diseases Symposia 

September 22 

Developing CRISPR-Based Therapies Symposia 

September 22 - 23 

Targeting Epigenetic Readers and Chromatin Remodelers 

Targeting the Ubiquitin Proteasome System 

Targeting the Microbiome 

GPCR - Based Drug Discovery - Part 1 

Antibodies Against Membrane Protein Targets - Part 1 

RNAi for Functional Genomics Screening 

Gene Therapy Breakthroughs 

Targeting Ocular Disorders 

September 23 - 24 

Targeting Histone Methyltransferases and Demethylases 

Targeting the Unfolded Protein Response 

Kinase Inhibitor Discovery 

GPCR-Based Drug Discovery - Part 2 

Antibodies Against Membrane Protein Targets - Part 2 

New Frontiers in Gene Editing 

Quantitative Systems Pharmacology 

Short Courses 

SC1: Cancer Metabolism: Pathways, Targets and Clinical Updates 

SC2: Leveraging Data and Analytics for Drug DiSCovery 

SC3: Setting Up Effective Rnai SCreens: From Design to Data to Validation 

SC4: Phenotypic SCreening and Chemical Probe Development 

SC5: GPCR Structure-based Drug Discovery 

SC6: Targeting of GPCRs with Monoclonal Antibodies 

SC7: Setting Up Effective Functional SCreens Using 3D Cell Cultures 

SC8: Targeting Protein-protein Interactions: Biophysical Approaches 

SC9: Preclinical Animal Models for Ocular Indications 

SC10: Introduction to Allosteric Modulators and Biased Ligands of GPCRs 

SC11: Introduction to Targeted Covalent Inhibitors 

SC12: Assays and High-throughput SCreening for Novel Epigenetic Inhibitors 

SC13: Gamification and Drug Target Challenges 

SC14: A Primer to Gene Editing: Tools and Applications 

SC15: Using Mechanistic Physiological Models In Drug Development