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CoverDiscovery on Target is CHI’s premier Drug Discovery event that brings to light the latest developments in the science and technologies underlying cellular pathways and drug targets. In its seventh year of production Discovery on Target, covers a diverse set of topics and captures an international audience spanning both industry and academia. This year, the event comprised of seven conference programs showcasing novel targets and approaches for research in ion channels, diabetes, kinases, G-protein coupled receptors, histone deacetylases and for RNA Interference-based screening tools and therapeutics.    Read more > 

Concurrent Tracks
November 2-3, 2009

Concurrent Tracks
November 3-4, 2009


Clapham David David Clapham, M.D., Ph.D.,
Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Dabrowski Michael Michael Dabrowski, Ph.D.,

Gregory J. Kaczorowski Gregory J. Kaczorowski,
School; Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

John Maraganore John M. Maraganore, Ph.D.,
Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Graeme Milligan, Ph.D Graeme Milligan, Ph.D.,
University of Glasgow

Steve Nissen Steven E. Nissen, M.D.,
M.A.C.C., Cleveland Clinic Foundation

David Root, Ph.D.,
The RNAi Consortium Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

Anja J. Stauber, Ph.D., DABT,
Eli Lilly and Company

Eric M. Verdin, M.D.,
University of California, San Francisco