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CoverDigital Course: Strategies for Effective RNAi Screens

This digital course is designed to provide in-depth information on how to go about setting up RNAi screening experiments and how to design assays for getting optimal results. The challenges working with different types of molecules i.e. siRNAs, shRNAs and the delivery systems to get them into the appropriate cells and tissues will be discussed. The instructors will also provide their input on best practices for the execution of experiments and interpretation of results when dealing with complex biology and informatics.

 Topics Covered: 

  • Overview of assay designs for siRNA and shRNA screens
  • Testing and validating methods for RNA delivery
  • Use of appropriate reagents and cell types
  • Implementing proper quality control
  • Minimizing cytotoxicity and off-target effects
  • Data analysis and statistical considerations



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Caroline Shamu, Ph.D., Director, ICCB-Longwood Screening Facility, Harvard Medical School


Hakim Djaballah, Ph.D., Director, HTS Core Facility, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center


Serena Silver, Ph.D., RNAi Screening Projects Group Leader, Broad Institute at MIT